Salem History

Salem’s story–first explored by Europeans 64 years after Jamestown, settled in the 1700s, and developed as a town serving travelers along the Great Road westward in 1802–is unique to a specific locality, but it is also the history of a community within the context of state, national, and world events.

The narrative Salem City has to tell is that of every American city touched by wars, economic upheavals, and civic challenges–as well as by a few healing, helping hands along the way. The way Salem and its residents faced the world in which they have found themselves over the years makes their history distinctive, and worth a closer look.

Read more about Salem’s history, and about some of the historic buildings and structures located in Salem. Of particular note are the Williams-Brown House where the Salem Museum is located, and Preston Place, Salem’s oldest home, recently restored by the Salem Museum & Historical Society.