Landscaping and Gardens

Salem Museum Native/Adaptive Plant Restoration Project

A project in cooperation with the Salem Garden Club

The restoration of native and adapted plants has been prioritized in the planning and design for the new Salem Museum.  The Landscape Design, originally envisioned by Pete O’Shea of SiteWorks in Charlottesville, goes far beyond the cursory planting typical of most new building projects. Designed to immerse visitors in the experience of native plantings and the wildlife attracted to it, the landscape is as much a part of the museum experience as the exhibits inside. Jennifer Smith Lewis, lead architect for our building expansion, envisioned the landscaping plan to conform to LEED specifications.

A primary player in the shaping and implementation of the landscape design, the Salem Garden Club has reached out to like-minded organizations to share in the funding and construction of the phased planting plan.  Phase I is complete and most of Phase II, as well, with financial assistance from several of Salem’s other garden clubs; a Valley Beautiful grant; a grant from the Blue Ridge District of Garden Clubs, VFGC; individual donations from BRD member clubs; Herb Society of Ameica, Roanoke Unit; Herb Society of SW Virginia; and the Daughters of the American Revolution, Breckinridge Chapter. In addition, private donation of native plant stock has been given to the landscape development by the noted plants man, Paul James.

The plans for landscape development in spring 2012 will be to prepare the Phase III and IV areas surrounding the Veteran’s Plaza and install the native shrubbery and trees. The Salem Historical Society appreciates the efforts of many who have given to ensure the success of this beneficial project and welcome future assistance.