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Salem Farmers Market Ornament


Our annual commemorative ornament for 2013 shows the Salem Farmers Market.

Brass: 3″ wide and 2″ high. Comes with a green ribbon.


Product Description

Since its opening on July 11, 1992, the Salem Farmers Market has become an integral part of the Salem community, serving not only as a market, but also as a concert venue, art gallery, and gathering spot for ceremonies. Although this market is a newer addition to the Salem landscape, a farmer’s market is as old as Salem itself. As the only town located in the southern part of what was then Botetourt County, Salem was the trading hub for the surrounding farmers bringing their crops to market. Though it is unclear when a local market first appeared, the earliest evidence is that a “market house” stood in the middle of south Market Street as early as 1819, and was a community center where Salem residents supplied the larders and indulged in the current gossip of the day. Today the function of the market has changed little as it remains one of the central hubs of the Salem community.


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