Johnston's Frontier Adventure

Johnston’s Frontier Adventure


Incidents Attending the Capture, Detention and Ransom of Charles Johnston Who was made prisoner by the Indians on the Ohio River in the year 1790.

Written by Charles Johnston and originally published in 1827. Reprinted in 2008 by the Historic Sandusky Foundation, The Salem Historical Society and the Historical Society of Western Virginia.

Paperback, 264 pages


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In 1790 Charles Johnston, while on an expedition into the frontier, was attacked and captured by Shawnee Indians.  Two in his party were massacred on the spot; one was later burned alive at the stake.

Johnston and his captors journeyed to a trading post in Sandusky, Ohio, where his freedom was negotiated and paid for by a stranger, literally on his 21st Birthday.  Johnston forever referred to this day as his second birth.

In 1808, when Johnston settled in Lynchburg, Virginia, he named his new estate, “Sandusky,”in reference to the place where he was freed and began life anew.

A few years before his death, Johnston published his story in 1827.  In it you’ll find an adventure story that will keep you enthralled from page to page.


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