Salem’s Cemeteries

Our Logan Research Library contains extensive information about Salem’s cemeteries. Salem’s many cemeteries are listed here.

East Hill: Main Street and Lynchburg Turnpike across Main Street from the Salem Museum. The first burials were during the Civil War, when an abandoned Baptist churchyard was used to inter Confederate soldiers. In 1869, a group of investors established the cemetery, and it has continued to serve the Salem community ever since. Maintenance and management today is carried out by the City of Salem. Best known grave is that of General Andrew Lewis at the top of the hill. Find a grave at East Hill Cemetery.

East Hill North: Located beside the Salem Museum. In 1868, this plot was purchased by Bernard Pitzer from the estate of Nathaniel Burwell to establish an African American burial ground. It soon became the most prominent black cemetery in town.  The City of Salem now maintains it, but many gravestones have been toppled or displaced. 800 individuals listed here are believed buried there. More than a hundred are unmarked entirely.

West Hill Cemetery: Boon Street, Salem, Virginia. Small private Cemetery with approximately 109 graves, some unmarked. Also called Tank Hill by many locals, this is one of Salem’s oldest cemeteries. Here lie William Bryan, William Bryan Jr., and his wife Margaret, who settled in the Lake Spring area about 1748 (their marker though is relatively new, dating from the 1920s). Other notable names include Johnston, Shanks, Griffin, Logan, Tinsley, and more. The City now maintains this cemetery.

Sherwood Memorial Park: Founded in 1928, Sherwood Memorial Park consists of nearly 120 acres of rolling hills, koi ponds and streams, veteran statuary, stone and granite in a serene and beautiful setting. There are over 32,600 burials, including flat granite memorial sections, upright memorial sections, mausoleum crypts, niches and a scattering area. For assistance in finding graves and information on burials, call 540-389-2171.  Offices are located at 1250 E Main Street, Salem.