For K-12 Student Groups

Outreach/Classroom Visits

We look forward to visiting your classroom, grade level, or entire school! Our enthusiastic, history-loving team will speak about local history, then let students interact with items that bring that history to life. Examples of outreach artifacts include Native American tools, Civil War cannon balls, WWI soldiers’ helmets, antique clothing, and more.

Field Trips to the Museum

Visit the Salem Museum to experience history first hand! We encourage students to get curious, explore our exhibits and learn about the history of the region. We provide a grade-appropriate guided tour that includes opportunities to touch and hold objects in our collection that can’t travel to classrooms. The topics in our exhibits cover all periods of American history from Native Americans to the 20th Century! Additional chaperones are always welcome. Pair your visit to the Museum with a self-guided trip through adjacent historic cemeteries, or take a fun break and picnic lunch in Longwood Park next door.

Native American Riverside Field Trips

Join our team at a Roanoke Valley park to learn how forests and rivers were important to the Native Americans who lived in our area prior to the 1740s. We bring artifacts for students to see and touch. We also include physical activities and games so students can embrace extra time outdoors.

Videos for Your Lesson Plans

The Salem Museum offers an extensive library of local history videos that teachers are invited to use in their lesson plans. Alex Burke, the Museum’s Assistant Director, has produced two video series, almost 50 videos in all. “Around Town” features local places of historical interest, and “White Glove Wednesdays” examines curious items from our permanent collection. Each video runs 3-5 minutes in length.

Many of the talks by our Monthly Speakers are also available online. These 30-45 minute presentations by experts in their fields are about local topics, or are of interest locally.

View our video library here. Don’t see what you need? Let us know, and we’ll see if we can help!

Schedule an Opportunity for Your Students

To schedule an outreach visit or field trip, please email Garrett Channell, Director of Archives and Education, or call 540-389-6760. Include the name of your school, grade level, number of students, and preferred dates (note: the Museum is not typically open on Mondays). If there are any particular topics you would like covered or reinforced while visiting, please let us know. We look forward to working with you! Service fees may apply.

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  • Sun - Mon: Closed
    Tue - Sat: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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